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Meet a Member - Philip Lazell

I’m Philip and I joined Winchester Fit Club in January 2018. Not only that, I went straight into a Monthly Challenge as well, so straight in at the deep end! For me personally I wanted to lose weight and become fitter, but along the way other benefits have come along too that I wasn’t necessarily looking for. WFC has also been a chance to work on my weaker points, notably my abs. I had an Anterior Resection operation some years back, and having your bowels chopped up and stomach stapled back together did not seem to leave me best placed to break any sit-up records! Don’t think I ever will. The simple reason for me joining was that my wife – Natasha – was already a member and enjoyed the experience, and because kids were allowed to come too, it meant we could all go together and child care was not an issue. I was also a bit bored of the gym scene, and though I wasn’t quite sure what a HIIT session was, I soon found out.

For me personally I have loved losing weight and getting fit. I feel better in myself mentally, and I’ve picked up ( hopefully ) long lasting habits especially at work, like drinking water instead of bucketful’s of coffee, doing office stretches and getting far more steps into a working day. Throughout the year WFC has been an excellent experience, starting with one session a week, building up to 2 now, coming regularly to Weds and Sat HIIT sessions.

Along the way I did another 2 Monthly Challenges. I have lost weight and improved my fitness in the challenges themselves but also between challenges. Over 10 KG lost since January, and counting……….

It has also been a chance to meet people and be part of a community, and it’s a great thing to join after moving to a new area. I feel lucky to have coaches willing to give me their time, planning new and challenging sessions.

WFC has been a very different experience to other exercise I have taken part in, and a very positive one. Like many people I have experienced the gym, but it’s quite a cost, not always easy to motivate yourself and in some cases people are really there just to look good, not really taking a full part in improving their overall health. FC has no such hang-ups, and also sorts of people from all age groups seem to attend, in a friendly atmosphere. If you can just get yourself out of the front door, the coaches and fellow members will spur you on for the hour of exercise ahead.

Before joining Winchester Fit Club, and now.

The club has also suited us because we can bring kids along - hopefully they generally behave themselves. I like the fact that our children get to see us exercise too and take care of ourselves, a case of do as I do not just do as I say.

What I am mainly looking forward to is, well more of the same actually. Lose a bit more weight, get a bit fitter and then the big one – maintain it. But if you enjoy the experience then I think you are half way there. Fit Club also seems to be quite a social community, so I'm looking forward to see how it grows and get involved.

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