About the Club

All you need to know

About Us

Winchester Fit Club aims to work holistically with both individuals and organisations on their wellbeing both in terms of exercise and nutrition to ensure that personal results are surpassed at the same time as meeting new people and adding a socially interactive day to your diary! 

Our Ethos

We pride ourselves on bringing the community together and the inclusion of everyone, so even if you come along on your own, you can be certain of a warm welcome and to thoroughly enjoy being in the company of our amazing Fit Clubbers.

Fit Club for all

It doesn't matter your ability, size or age, you can work at your own pace and there will always be someone else at your level so you'll never feel isolated. If you need to sit out and take a break, that's exactly what you do, and you can then re-join when you're ready. 

What to bring

Always make sure you're hydrated before you start so try and drink a litre of water in the morning. Bring a water bottle with you so that you can stay hydrated throughout the workout. Don't worry if you forget your water bottle, we have spares.
Wear comfortable sportswear and suitable footwear for workout.
It is advised that you bring a small towel just incase you need it.


Children are welcome to come along. There is space for them to sit and watch you work out. We suggest bringing something to sit on, snacks and toys so that you can hopefully get through the full hour uninterrupted! 

We work hard, but we laugh harder. Come and enjoy a taster session on us!