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Planning for the healthy road out of lockdown

The end is in sight, lockdown now has an end date and a plan of how restrictions will start to ease. Although it marks the end to possibly the biggest disruption to daily life we’ll ever experience, it also marks a new beginning. The road out of lockdown is short enough to be in touching distance but long enough that we still have time to think about our future self and make some genuine change.

What's your goal?

Wanting to get fitter and healthier is great but try to get specific with what you want to see. Being specific with yourself can help you to work out the steps to achieve it and also keep you on track when things get tricky. Is your goal about fitness such as an event or being able to walk/run or cycle a certain distance? Is it about being able to simply feel leaner and healthier by slimming down? Is it about eating better so you don’t feel out of breath when you walk upstairs? Whatever the aim, get specific and use this to plan your attack.

Why have a plan?

We’ve all been there. We decide on a Sunday night that things are going to change and from Monday morning you’re going to eat well, get lean or finally sign up to that race. In essence this is great, being motivated to make health changes is fantastic and is always the first step. However, how many of us by Friday have slowly pushed the idea to the back burner? How many times has this cycle repeated itself throughout lockdown? Frustration building seeing our friends and strangers making positive changes to their lives over social media. What’s the difference between them and you?

It’s likely to be a plan...

A plan gives structure, accountability and clear steps that gradually build to a successful change. A big mistake people make is going in so strong that the changes aren’t fun or sustainable which leads to throwing in the towel before you’ve even begun. Put simply, a plan will get you where you need and want to be. Don’t brush it aside.

Don’t go in heavy...

It’s not uncommon that when people decide to make changes to their health, they jump in the deep end. Banishing treats, hitting the health food stores for powders and nutrients we’ve never heard of, planning workouts that are promised as ‘best fat burner’, ‘get ripped quick’ or my personal fav ‘lose a stone in a week’. These kinds of messages are poorly aimed at people’s most common insecurities and fill us with unrealistic hope.

Stripping it back, health changes aren’t quick and at times it isn’t easy. Steady and consistent change is the key and remember -

  • Keep the goal in your sights.

  • Plan the steps to reaching that goal small and achievable.

  • Remember we can’t always see health change on the outside.

  • Eating better and moving more will improve things like cardiovascular and mental health before it shows on the waistline or scales.

We are looking forward to getting our sessions back to face to face when we are allowed and look forward to helping you plan for a fitter, healthier you as we have done countless times for the past 4 years.

Click HERE to book your sessions with us which are currently via zoom but look out for announcements over the coming days where we can all plan when we can get back together. We've missed you all!!

See you all soon

Head Coach Michael

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