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Feeling nervous about returning to indoor exercise?

We’re moving closer and closer to having all current COVID-19 restrictions lifted and as much as this confirms there is life after lockdown some of us aren’t as eager as others to get back to venues. The WFC Team are looking forward to seeing you all back in our venues but we totally understand that some people might need to take things a bit slower. We wanted to let you know the steps we’re taking to make our indoor sessions accessible and in line with COVID guidelines but also reassure you that even if you’re not quite ready to move indoors we still have plenty of options to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

How we’re preparing for indoor classes

We’re currently in the final planning stages of getting back to our venues, as you know most gyms have already moved back indoors but we wanted to take things slow and make sure we can run them as safely as possible which is a massive bonus of being a community club.

When we start back indoors you will notice some WFC elements that haven’t changed -

  • Absolutely everyone is welcome regardless of age, size or fitness level

  • We continue to be a fully inclusive community online and offline

  • We will work hard together...but laugh harder

Much like any other business that has needed to adjust how they run, you will notice some new conditions to the indoor classes -

  • We will continue to have to limit how many people can join

  • We will be more spaced out during workouts

  • You will need to check in using the NHS track and trace on entry

If you’re feeling apprehensive about moving to indoors sessions, we’ll still have you covered as outdoors sessions will continue for as long as we can run them. Fit Club still wants to support you to reach your fitness goals so we’ve put together 3 tips on using the outdoors to keep your fitness on track with regular advice from us always available.

1. Make the most of the longer days

Summer is great at helping bank some exercise hours, lighter mornings and later sunsets means we can get out for walks, run or bike rides around our 9-5 commitments. Grab some willing participants and challenge yourselves to a sunrise or sunset hike or ride, there’s nothing like the mix of accomplishment in a stunning surroundings of which we have plenty in Hampshire.

2. Every little counts

Remember you don’t need to be doing a workout to be moving and reaping the health benefits. A few hours of gardening, painting the fences or having a good spring clear out are all great ways of keeping bodies moving in between planned workouts during the week.

3. Buddy up with someone

We wish we could have classes everyday of the week, but this shouldn’t stop you from teaming up with someone and doing your own workouts together while you’re waiting for the next Fit Club session. Keep workouts simple but effective, speak to our coaches if there is anything specific you would like to work on like core strength or running drills.

Regardless of whether you’re chomping at the bit to get back to indoor classes or happier to wait until you feel comfortable, be sure to make the most of the outdoors. Now the weather is warming up, spending time in the open air is not only good for your general and fitness health. The great outdoors is also proven to have positive effects on your mental health too.

See you all soon!


Founder/Head Coach

Winchester Fit Club

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