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How to exercise without knowing it!

We all know that exercise is great for us, but sometimes it’s difficult to fit in going for a run or getting along to a workout class into our busy schedules especially if you have children. Many people also don’t think exercising is for them, maybe they see images of fitness “influencers” online and it feels that does not match how they see themselves or if that image is achievable. That doesn’t mean fitness and exercise are off the table. There are many ways to get that feel-good feeling that exercise gives without needing fancy equipment or even your workout gear.

Tag / Rounders

Playing a game of tag with your children, or getting some friends together for a game of rounders is a great way to have some fun, running around for a few hours will also give your body a massive boost. An hour's game of rounders can burn up to 400 calories!

Not sure about the rules? Rounders England has a great quick guide here.

Tag is simple too: one person is ‘it’ and they have to run around trying to tag someone else to be ‘it’.... if you don't know tag then i'm not sure we can be friends.

Get out on the water

Renting a paddleboard, canoe or kayak is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. Not only is it fun to try out, but it also gives your whole body a great workout. Many water sports rentals offer all the safety equipment you need plus if there's the room you can take along a picnic so you can enjoy more time outdoors.


This isn’t everyone's thing and that’s fine. However, if it is your thing, embrace it!

Dancing has amazing benefits for the body including improving muscle strength and joint flexibility it also helps increase your heart rate which is good for cardiovascular health and the release of endorphins from having fun which is great for your mental health.

Go for a hike

Slightly different from simply going for a walk, a hike might involve a challenging distance or terrain (like being on trails or up lots of hills). Pack up some water and food and you’re good to go all day. It’s a great way to spend time with friends or family, get outside in nature, and clock up those steps. With the additional difficulty thrown in hikes can put your body through its paces, sometimes without breaking a sweat!

For some simple tips planning a family-friendly hike or if you’re a beginner, take a read of this article.

Trail Bike Riding

Riding a bike on the road isn’t for everyone and if you have children the thought of having to navigate riding whilst watching traffic and keeping an eye on your children can put you off before you even get going. This doesn’t mean bike riding is off the cards. Lots of forest areas have bike rentals, where you can spend a few hours cycling through the trails with your children without the worry of traffic.

If you and the family are heading out to try some local outdoor activities or can recommend any then why not tag us so we can share with the Winchester Fit Club community.

Have a fantastic easter bank holiday.

We hope to see you at our sessions again soon.


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